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Sport, regarded as the most important social movement in the contemporary world, for many decades has been the the subject tightly associated with collectors’ passions. A development of a collectorship, an organization of industrial and hygienic exhibitions and an emergence of the first sport societies influenced on a foundation in the European countries from the early beginning of the 20th century of the first museums dedicated to collecting material evidences of the history of sports.

In Poland the need to establish a museum of sports was first articulated on the columns of a biweekly published in Warsaw and dedicated to the issues of a physical culture titled "Stadjon" yet in 1931. The initiative was reborn in an atmosphere of counting human losses and losses within the national cultural heritage in the first years after the Second World War.

In October 1952 the Chairman of the Chief Committee for Physical Culture issued the "Order on organization of the collection of museum exhibits from the area of physical culture and sports". That was the official finial of preparatory works being performed since 1950.


The Museum collects various material evidences concerning in a significant extent the Polish sports. They are sport trophies - medals, tokens, badges, cups, sports and tourism stickers as well as coins, flags, pennants and emblems, dresses, sports equipment, travel accessories, sports and tourism posters, artist works with sports subject and a philately.

Among over 46 thousand exhibits there are sport souvenirs and trophies connected with outstanding personalities of the Polish sports.

Among the oldest exhibits connected with the Polish sports we should mention souvenirs and trophies of "Sokół" Gymnastic Association (est. in Lvov in 1867), Warsaw Rowing Association (the oldest sports association in Warsaw, est. in 1878), Warsaw Cyclists' Association (est. in 1886), Warsaw Skating Association (est. in 1893) and arts with sport subject.

Permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions

The first permanent exhibition was made available to visitors in 1955. Subsequent ones, prepared already in the Museum seat at Skra stadium, were designed by wellappreciated artists - experts in the arrangement of exhibitions: Wojciech Zamecznik (1966) and Jan Kosiński (1976 and subsequent versions).

First permanent exhibition in Olympic Center, titled "History of Polish Sports and Olympics" was designed by team authors Jarosław Kłaput & Dariusz Kunowski, who's was win the competition.

The history of sports presented within the permanent exhibition includes over 30 disciplines: mountaineering, boxing, gymnastics, hockey, horse riding, judo, canoeing, cyckling, archery, basketball, track & field, modern pentathlon, football, fencing, game shooting, swimming, tennis, table tennis, wrestling, weight-lifting, handball, volleyball, rally, aviation sports, sailing, rowing, speedway, skiing, skating, biathlon, sleighing, snowboard.

For 54 years of operation the Museum of Sports and Tourism has prepared 150 temporary exhibitions presented in its own seat and in other museums.

Outside of Poland the Museum collection has been presented 23 times Particularly many exhibitions referred to associations of arts and sports.


The Museum of Sports and Tourism since a very beginning of its operation was creating a Library which was made available to readers in 1959.

As of end 2006 the collection reached 16.500 volumes. The collection of books in its main part (about 65% off all items) refers to various aspects of a physical culture - sports, gymnastics and recreation as well as sightseeing (15%).

Its supplement are the books from the area of museum sciences, history of arts, history supporting sciences, ethnography as well as catalogues, bibliographies, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Most of the collection is written in Polish but certain ones were published in English, German, French, Russian. The Library also contains archival materials associated with the Polish sports - diplomas, identification cards, letters, announcements, postcards, calendars and exlibris.

Photo Archives

Sports and tourist photographs have been collected from the early days of the Museum. The collection pertains to the history of the Polish sports, the most popular sport disciplines, current important sports events in Poland and in the world (with participation of Polish sportsmen). It contains subject section illustrating among others the history of clubs with a long tradition and sports organizations of a wide range (e. g. the International Olympic Committee, the Polish Olympic Committee), Olympic Games, history of physical culture on the Polish lands.

Initially a significant part of the photo collection referred to copies of photographs from the Drawing Study of the Warsaw University, Archives of Mechanic Documentation, the library of the Academy of Physical Culture in Warsaw and the Central Photo Agency. Later on thanks to contacts with former sportsmen more and more materials of an amateur nature were being gradually obtained.

The Museum photo collection is growing thanks to purchases from CAF (the Central Photo Agency), PAP (Polish Press Agency), other agencies and directly from camera-reporters and photographers. But most of the Museum photo collection originates from donations. The Photo Archives gathered so far 50 thousand photos, including 4 thousand archive photos (taken before 1939).

Educational & promotional activites

The Museum conducts educational activites:

  • classes for kindergarten kids: "From the track of seven wonders of Museum", "Long ago in Olympia", "From celeryfer to mountain bike", "Fabulous world of winter sports", "In magic land of five rings"
  • museum lessons for students of various degress: "Ancient Greece. Homeland of stadium, education and art", "Medieval tournaments. Kingth's ethics and rules of fair play", "Sport in modern art"
  • series of meeting with sportsmen, artists and journalisten and organizes:
  • film festivals
  • collectors' exchange
  • scientific sessions and conferences.

Permanent exhibition "History of Polish sport and Olympics" and temporary exhibitions

Museum open:

  • Tuesday - Friday 9.00 - 17.00
  • Saturday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday entrance free.

Museum Office

Open daily 8.00 - 16.00

Museum closed

New Year, 6th January, Easter, 1st May, 3th May,15 August, 1 November, 11 November, Christmas (2 days) and every Monday.


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Muzeum Sportu i Turystyki
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