The permanent exhibition entitled “The history of Polish Sport and Olympic Movement” is showing the history of sport from the ancient Greece, through the firs modern Olympic games till the present times. Located on the 1000 sq meters exhibition area you can find the examples of sport art, technical gear, medals, trophies, antiques and other memorabilia. Your journey through the history of sport will start at the Olympia, where you will get familiar with pentathlon, pygme and other ancient disciplines. Than you will hear the voice of baron Pierre de Coubertin and see the first modern Olympic Games stadium. Through the history of sport you will see how the politics and wars influated polish sport spirit. Finaly you wil see the present sport heroes, Olympic medals, diplomas and trophies.

You will see precious objects like the original kayak o f Jan Paweł II or the collection of Olympic torches.

The visit at our Museum is going to be the unforgettable experience! We are waiting for you to welcome at the Museum of Sports and Tourism in Warsaw.

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