Ladies and Gentlemen, the museum meets all security standards, including the limit of 40 individual visitors on the exhibition at the same time. For common safety, remember about masks. You're welcome!

Addres: Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 4 St., 01-531 Warsaw, Poland.

City communication

Bus - Centrum Olimpijskie bus stop:

  • Bus stop Centrum Olimpijskie 01: lines 118, 185
  • Bus stop Centrum Olimpijskie 02: lines 114, 118, 185

All buses stops 'on demand'.

See the actual bus schedule at Public Transport Authority page.

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Subway, bus, tram - stop Plac Wilsona square


There is a bicycle route passing the Olympic Center and the parking place for bicycles.
Near the Olympic Center are two city bike Veturilo stations.


There is a limited number of parking places at the entrance to the building. The parking places are free of charge.